The secret of escape room business

Why is it beneficial to run an escape room business?

Escape games hit the entertainment industry in the early 2010’s, and since then their popularity have been continuously growing. There are several thousand escape rooms around the world, and even more are yet to come. But what is the secret of them from an owner’s perspective? Why is an escape room business a good idea?

If you manage your own escape room, your job is your passion

Are you dreaming about a job that you will enjoy and love? If you are passionate about puzzles and wish to be an entrepreneur, then the escape room business is for you! Managing your own escape room can provide you independence, stability and flexibility. You can define your own working hours, which meets the expectations of your visitors. However, if you love what you do, time will fly and you won’t be counting the minutes before you close up and go home. You will certainly enjoy your daily routine and find joy in the results of your work.

Your own escape room brand will provide you with a lucrative business

The escape room business is booming. According to a survey which collected business data from hundreds of escape room owners, the average number of visitors was between 150 and 500 per month in the past year. A successful escape game can operate through every season, as it offers a good programme for friends and families as well as entertainment for team buildings. With the help of different marketing methods and channels you can build your brand and continuously gain new customers. You can be creative and utilize your innovative ideas. This way you will build a profitable business, that will keep you motivated to expand even more.

How can we help you to establish a successful escape room business?

Building an escape room is not easy, as it demands deep knowledge and expertise. Our team will create your dream room in a short time, so you don’t even need to worry about paying the rent during the construction work. Our rooms are pre-tested on thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. You can be sure that your escape room will be breathtaking, exciting and attractive. We offer one basic and one exclusive package with different escape room themes. Whether you are a cautious player or may want to go all-in and start big, you will be able to find the ideal solution with us.

We will continue to support your brand-new escape room as we also offer a maintenance and support service. It entails rectifying your occurring problems and fixing the equipment if needed. 

You may want to join an escape room franchise

If you are looking for an adventure and thinking about starting your own escape room business, but are afraid of those first steps, join our escape room franchise program! We have several partner programs around the world so you can join a strong and already prosperous escape room business. We can share our knowledge and practical tips with you, and support you in every way needed. If you are interested in a business model like this, don’t hesitate to contact us!