Make your own escape room

What skills are needed to make your own escape room?

If you are thinking about jumping into the escape room business, you should know if you have the core competencies to manage a business like this. Obviously, you need to be interested in creating and solving puzzles and watching others be entertained by your game. But that’s only part of the fun. As you become an entrepreneur, you will have lots of responsibilities and also have to face tons of legal, administrative and business challenges.

Accountant, lawyer, HR, customer service – you have to be a little bit of everything

As an entrepreneur you will be the one who takes care of business planning, administration, financial issues, etc. If you have ever made a business plan or established a company, then you know how much work it requires.  Of course, you can work with an accountant and a business consultant – and at the beginning it is highly recommended that you do so – but in any case you’ll need to have at least a basic knowledge of taxes, accounting and legal regulations.

On the other hand, you will be the face of the business and the head of customer service. If your business is doing well then you can afford to hire somebody who’s job it is to deal with people, but in the beginning it will probably be your task. Extraordinary communication skills, friendly and patient attitude and positive personality is a must have to successfully support customers.

You will also be the boss of your co-workers. You will have to coordinate their work, solve the emerging problems and deal with the paperwork. For this, it’s useful to have good decision making, conflict management and analytical reasoning skills.

If you need help to make your own escape room…

Planning the puzzles may be fun, but it is also difficult and risky. Not only will your success depend on your sales and marketing skills, but also on the quality of these puzzles. Fortunately, we have years of experience in creating awesome escape rooms so you can trust us to plan and design yours.

Construction is the other essential part where you will definitely need to have expertise so as not to waste a lot of money and time. With our help you will get a turnkey-ready escape room – so we can save your time, money and energy.  Sounds good? Contact us!

You can hire marketing agencies to take care of advertising

Good marketing is another key element of success, as you will definitely have to build your escape room brand and gain new customers. Google, Facebook and many other forms of advertising will be required, and it’s highly recommended that you become familiar with them to utilize them effectively. If you don’t have great affinity with this aspect of the business, you may have to hire a marketing agency to do the dirty work for you. At first, it may seem like spending lots of money on something you don’t even understand, but trust us: it will be worth it.