How to make an escape room? Escape Game Builders help you!

The short guide on how to make an escape room

So, you made the brave decision to start your own escape room brand. You have already created your business plan and completed all the financial planning. You are ready to jump into the business, but don’t know where to start. Let’s see how to make an escape room!

Step 1: Planning the story, creating exciting and resolvable puzzles

This may be the most essential part of the building process, as the success of your escape room will depend on it. You have to create a backstory which is attractive enough to make people want to be a part of it. Once you have the storyline, you need to create the puzzles. You may encounter problems  finding the perfect balance between challenging, but also resolvable, puzzles. Your players will want to enjoy the success of solving them, whilst not struggling with them so much that they are not able to enjoy the game. To make it easier, it’s a good idea to create a game flowchart where you can see the whole process of the escape room game. Or, you can choose from ready-made escape room themes and escape room plans from the experts to save you the hassle.

Step 2: Building your escape room

Of course, you must have the right location for the future venue. When you’re ready, and it comes to construction, your enthusiasm will not be enough, as in-depth knowledge is essential. At this point, there are several technicians whose work is unavoidable – for example an electrician for the hardware and an IT professional for the software. You need to use premium category props and items to create a heavy-duty room that will serve you and your players for years to come. A group of professional technicians will save you time, energy and money. Now that you know how to make an escape room, you can now admit that it is not going to be a piece of cake.

This is how WE make an escape room

How to make an escape room? Escape Game Builders help you!Here’s how we do it for ourselves at Escape Game Builders with the help of our fantastic team of escape game building superheroes: First of all, our very own “Mike Manytools Jr”, whose head is an infinite source of information that he uses to design ideal escape rooms containing the most amazing puzzles. He has not only amazing ideas, but also intrinsically knows how to implement them.

The “Great Woo-D”, our carpenter, and “Fast-Brush Bobby”, our decoration hero, will bring these plans to life with an expertise that no one else has. They are empowered with their super strength, passion and creativity that are beyond all expectations, so we can be sure that our escape room will be of the highest quality and most durable.

Electricity is also an essential part, so you’d better hire a professional to ensure everything works well and, of course, will also prevent accidents. “Electro”, our wizard electrician guarantees that our escape rooms will be, not only breathtaking in how it works, but totally safe for the players, no matter how many cables are laid in and around the gaming area.

The cherry on the cake, depending on the topic of your escape room, will be some outstanding IT solutions for the puzzles and their operation. Our team can provide them, and also offer access to our helpdesk to resolve any emerging problems. Our software is able to operate several escape rooms at the same time without any difficulties.

We can build an escape room for you too

The best news: you too can have all of our expertise when you decide to have your own escape room brand. You can trust us as we have, not only years of experience but also the only team with extraordinary superpowers!

If you wish to have the best possible escape game, but don’t have the expertise or time to make it yourself, contact us!