The Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing Escape Game Themes for Your Business

In the past 10 years technology has evolved in such a crazy pace that’s almost unbelievable. The same thing happened with escape game themes and puzzles, as they followed these technological developments and reacted to the changing demands of the smartphone using tech-savvy crowds. The levels of development can be categorized into 4 generations in terms of escape game themes.

If you’re planning to make your own escape room, there are several things that you’ll have to consider first, and escape game themes and puzzles are definitely one of them. To choose the perfect theme for your business, you need to know the differences between escape game generations.

What Are the Characteristics of the Different Generations Of Escape Game Themes?

The First Generation – Without Advanced Technology

Back in the days when we lived our life without Facebook, Instagram and smartphones, escape games were simpler too. Their mechanism was mostly based on padlocks, codelocks and magnets, and the scenarios were uncomplicated. There was one room with one door, and your task was to get out.

Regarding the business aspect it was all easier during those legendary times. Because of the simplicity of the puzzles, there was no need to hire staff with advanced knowledge. Basically anybody could build a room and become a game master.

The Second Generation – Introducing Technology

Escape games have become a popular way of entertainment in a short time, and as they spread across the world, they’ve become more complex. The second-generation escape rooms started to use basic electronic sensors and controllers to create more varied and enjoyable games. 

Generations of escape game themes

The Third Generation – Technology Takes Command

Nowadays the successful escape rooms belong to this generation. They are mostly software-driven and automated. The game master’s task is to take control over everything that happens in the room and help the players if needed. In third generation rooms you can’t find padlocks anymore. They are equipped with very advanced technology behind the walls and in the items you can find in the rooms. They are controlled by computers. The rooms in our Exclusive Package are third generation rooms, fully packed with exciting puzzles placed in beautiful scenes and complex floor plans consisting of different rooms and chambers.

The Fourth Generation – Ruled By Technology

We are in the doorstep of the bright future, where escape rooms will use virtual reality with the purpose of the most real experience that a player can have. They also will be fully automated, so a game master only will be needed to keep an eye on the monitors. 

What Is The Situation With Escape Game Themes?

In the good old days escape game themes relied on some simple ideas. Now you can find blockbuster themes escape rooms everywhere, and stories took center stage. As the technological background started to improve, it wasn’t just getting out of the room anymore, but having a mission. That was the time escape games were inspired by well-known sci-fi scenarios. These mission-oriented games were quite popular as the players felt involved in the story. Therefore more complex background stories were born. And then suddenly movie-based stories just popped up and conquered the world.

We know that finding the right escape game themes might be challenging and risky, so we are here to help you! We have several pre-tested escape room themes from every generation. Check them out! Don’t worry if you fell in love with a first-generation escape game theme! They can be a cost effective and still enjoyable experience for your guest, and in case you would like to develop them, all our rooms can be technically improved late to keep up with the trends. 

If you found your ideal escape game or got inspired by our ideas, contact us to bring your dream to life! Trust us, nothing is impossible for our expert team.