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Our story: How an escape room brand was born

Escapegamebuilders was born as a “child” of Mindquest, our own escape room business brand which operates in Budapest, Hungary. But where did the original idea came from and how did it come about? Read our story and get familiar with the origin of Escapegamebuilders. Our story may not be typical, but it does describe how an escape room building company, which operates around the world, can be grown. 

Building escape rooms for others right from the start

In the early 2010’s, escape room games began to conquer the world. We were very proud that MindQuest was an early pioneer in the escape room game industry based in Hungary. Our aim was to create amazing games, and we succeeded from the start as, even after a few months, we already had requests from others to build their escape rooms. Therefore, we knew for sure that there was a need for services like ours. Thus, the idea of our new escape game brand was born.

Escape Game Builder heroes - the team behind the lucrative Hungarian escape game building business

Escape games from A to Z around the world

Our very first offer to be accepted came from Singapore, and we were very happy that our work received appreciation from the other side of the world, and we were able to build escape rooms on another continent. After that, the wheel started to roll even faster as we found ourselves working on new escape rooms in Denmark, the United States, Greece, and many other countries. During the last few years we have been travelling around the whole world to build escape rooms for our business partners.

In the beginning, our customers were adventure-seeking individual entrepreneurs who wanted to try something new and to be excited by launching their own escape room brands. They were the first to realize that managing escape rooms can be a profitable business. As the popularity of escape games have grown, we got requests from even more and more countries. Now we have sizeable companies among our clients who ask us to open 6 or 7 escape rooms in a short space of time that are built by a reliable partner. They not only need a professional escape game building group of experts but also a mechanism that can guarantee that the escape rooms would work continuously and they should be easily operated.

Our huge advantage is that we have our own production and manufacturing resources, so we can work really quickly. That’s an essential factor for our customers when it comes to renting a place for the escape game: you will also need to pay rent during the construction works, so time really does matter.

Escape room in a box? We did that too.

Usually we create physical escape rooms, but we also have developed other projects when we made escape games in alternative environments. As a part of a recruiter campaign for a multinational company, we created escape game chests which contained an entire escape game compressed into the small space of a wooden box, and was used in 11 European Universities in 9 countries concurrently.

We also created a mobile “escape room truck” for LG, where the game was prepared with their own products. Players needed to use mobile phones, vacuum cleaners, televisions etc. to successfully get out of the truck.

Our escape room history in numbers

In the past 6 years we have built 61 rooms and 8 unique escape games on 3 continents. We are looking forward to future adventures as our passion is to give life to breath-taking escape room games. If you are planning to manage your own escape room brand, contact us and we will also build your dream room!