Stressful situations when running escape games and how to solve them

How Stressful is Running Escape Games as a Business?

Do you think that running escape games as your business is full of fun? Well, yes. But, at the same time, it’s also challenging for the business owner. To make your own escape room you’ll need to be a little bit of everything: a lawyer, an accountant, a HR professional, a customer service agent and so on. Here are the most common issues and a guide about how to handle them.

Working on weekends and during holidays

Running escape games isn’t a regular 9 to 5 job. Moreover, you also will have to work on the weekends and during holidays. This may be a source of conflict with your loved ones so always try to maintain the balance and try to make fair compromises with your employees.

Having troubles with customers

No matter how good you are in your business or how smiling and polite your employees are, there will be problems with customers. Our advice is to be prepared! Create “emergency plans” for every possible scenario and share it with your staff.

What if…

  • your players want to have 5 more minutes to escape (and then 5 more minutes and so on)?
  • someone breaks an essential prop of the game?
  • one of the players complains about the difficulty level or escapes unsatisfied?
  • one of the players gets hurt during the game?
  • a group of visitors cancel their appointment in the very last minute (or don’t cancel at all)?

Once you’ve taken into consideration all the most commons problems, you can work on the strategy to handle them. Should players sign a declaration of liability before entering the room? Do you want to offer refund or a free voucher for unsatisfied visitors? It’s totally up to you, just make sure that you find a solution that’s good for both your business and your customers.

Having troubles with your staff

Hiring the right people isn’t enough. It’s also essential to keep them updated with new regulations, IT improvements, communications strategy. We recommend you to hold training sessions from time to time, when you can also make them practicing emergency situations based on the above scenarios.

Finding solutions for broken props

It will happen, the question is only “when” or “how often”. In these cases, the main problem is what to do next. Was it the players’ fault? Or do you need to offer some kind of compensation to them?

When something goes wrong during a game, you must find a solution ASAP. That’s why we at Escape Game Builders offer a maintenance service with access to our helpdesk for a monthly fee for the rooms that we build for our clients. This way you can count on us to solve every emerging problems regarding either IT issues or broken props. Learn more about our own services and escape room prices!

Running escape games as a business is tough, but we are here to help!

Our experienced and enthusiastic staff is here for you! Either you are just thinking about starting your own business or are ready to jump right into it, you can trust our expertise. Contact us to have all the answers you would like to know!