Escape room games are a great choice for planty of occasions.

For which occasions is an escape room game a great choice?

The answer to the question could be as simple as „for every occasion”, but let’s take it more seriously.  An escape room game offers a memorable adventure, therefore they could be the ideal choice for a multitude of reasons.  

Whether you would prefer to go with friends, family or with colleagues, escape rooms provide a pleasant way to spend an afternoon together. It only takes an hour, but this hour of excitement lets you break out of your everyday life, giving you an adrenaline and dopamine boost.

Find a unique programme with your loved ones!

Escape rooms are popular among groups of friends, as they can be played by up to 6-8 people. It’s a good choice for a simple Friday night, but you can also start a longer all-night programme this way to break the ice. 

You can set the mood for a bachelor or bachelorette party and then continue the night as you like. In a situation like this an escape game can be very useful as it helps to build a connection between people and create an immediate feeling of team spirit even if the players only know each other casually.

In the case of a reunion – for example a high school reunion with 20 people – you can book several rooms and create a contest to see which group escapes in the shortest time. But first, keep within the rules: the winning team cannot start bullying the others. You’re grown-ups now, aren’t you?

Do you want a family programme that provides more than having lunch together, playing board games or going to the cinema or a museum? Escape rooms provide a great alternative. They help to maintain family connections by creating new adventures you experience together. Among the tons of escape room themes you will definitely find the one that your whole family will enjoy. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in this unique way!


Playing an escape room game will be beneficial for individuals and for the team too

Every good leader acknowledges the importance of team-building, because a cooperative and cohesive team isn’t only beneficial for the atmosphere at work or the employers’ wellbeing, but also for the business. An escape game can be used to observe the team’s dynamics and to identify the colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses. 

Escape room games have some profitable effects for the individual and for the team as well. It encourages interactions and teamwork while making your colleagues feel a part of the unit. It also helps to build trust with each other as you face the challenges together.

On the other hand, solving puzzles enhances creativity and problem-solving skills too, as well as  improving time management and decision-making skills. These skills are essential in the workplace, so developing them in a fun way is a pure win-win. 

Escape room games can also be a favourable choice for your client partner programs. If you wish to create a tighter bond with your clients, booking an escape room game is an excellent way to do it!

Oh, and while we’re already talking about business: if you’re thinking about opening your own escape room to satisfy all the different needs of the people we’ve mentioned above, we can help with that too. Have a look at our turnkey escape room concepts, and send us an inquiry to discuss the details.