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How Stressful is Running Escape Games as a Business?

Do you think that running escape games as your business is full of fun? Well, yes. But, at the same time, it’s also challenging for the business owner. To make your own escape room you’ll need to be a little bit of everything: a lawyer, an accountant, a HR professional, a customer service agent and […]

For which occasions is an escape room game a great choice?

The answer to the question could be as simple as „for every occasion”, but let’s take it more seriously.  An escape room game offers a memorable adventure, therefore they could be the ideal choice for a multitude of reasons.   Whether you would prefer to go with friends, family or with colleagues, escape rooms provide a […]

What skills are needed to make your own escape room?

If you are thinking about jumping into the escape room business, you should know if you have the core competencies to manage a business like this. Obviously, you need to be interested in creating and solving puzzles and watching others be entertained by your game. But that’s only part of the fun. As you become […]

Why is it beneficial to run an escape room business?

Escape games hit the entertainment industry in the early 2010’s, and since then their popularity have been continuously growing. There are several thousand escape rooms around the world, and even more are yet to come. But what is the secret of them from an owner’s perspective? Why is an escape room business a good idea? […]

Our story: How an escape room brand was born

Escapegamebuilders was born as a “child” of Mindquest, our own escape room business brand which operates in Budapest, Hungary. But where did the original idea came from and how did it come about? Read our story and get familiar with the origin of Escapegamebuilders. Our story may not be typical, but it does describe how […]

The success story of the escape room game

The origins of the escape room game are rooted in the adventure games of the 80s and 90s, but the story began in 2004 when a Japanese man, Toshimitsu Takagi, created a point-and-click video game, called Crimson Room. Following this game, several similar games with a similar gameplay were born. This new genre was called […]